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La Masrojana

A neighborhood company of quality and proximity olives

La Masrojana is a family-owned Company, specializing in the elaboration of regional olives from Priorat, Ribera d'Ebre and Terra Alta.

Among our products, we find specialties of regional olives such as (Arbequines, Black from Aragón, Broken olives, Chamomile, Gazpacha and Gordal Picant), the olive pates and oils (EVOO and oils Arbequina olives with flavors: lemon, orange, rosemary, garlic, basil and spice).

Our products are elaborated following the traditional procedures of the region, which have been passed from generation to generation, preserving and improving over time.


Discover the great variety of quality and authenticity olives we have in the market.

Olive pate

High quality product made with black and arbequina olives with Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Arbequine Olives

Eco line

A selection of proximity oils and olives of traditional elaboration. A certified product line that respects the environment.

Extra virgin olive oil

All our oils are made the traditional way retaining the best properties of the Arbequine olive.

A little tasting of ours


Discover the products made with the techniques that have passed from generation to generation for our family.



All our elaborations are produced with products from the territory.

The care in the processes of elaboration and the legacy of our history guarantees us a high quality product.


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Jan 2016
Sep 2005

Incrementem el valor afegit dels nostres productes amb el llançament del paté dolç d'oliva arbequina.

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Jan 2018