La Masrojana

A familiar olives business of quality and closeness.

La Masrojana are a family business rooted in the territory, specializing in the preparation of regional olives from Priorat, Ribera d'Ebre and Terra Alta.

Among our products we find regional olives specialities, such as olives (Arbequina, Black Aragón, Broken, Manzanilla, Marinated and Gordal Picante), olive pates and oils (EVOO and Arbequina olive oils with flavours: lemon, orange, rosemary, garlic, chilli and basil).

Our products are made following the traditional procedures of the region, wich have been passed down from generation to generation, conserving and improving over the time. 


All our elaborations are produced with products from the territory.


The care in the elaboration processes and the legacy of our history guarantees us a high quality product.


The experience of the passage of the generations of our family gives us as a result a product of great quality.


We take care of our environtment and everything that a surrounds it.


To elaborate and commercialize olives of proximity respecting the traditional elaboration processes.


Offer a quality product respecting the producer and add value to the territory of origin.


We define our values in four concepts: proximity, quality, tradition and ecology.

La Masrojana history

Our roots

1977. Year of foundation of La Masrojana

The beginning of a family project

1985. ''La Masrojana'' brand is created

It marketed in stores in the province of Tarragona

1992. Mechanization and acquisition of new machines

The start of packaging and marketing of olives in glass containers

1996. Start of the prodution of the olives paste.

We are pioneers in presenting a new way of consuming olives.

2002. The brand is redesigned

The entire product range is unified under a new image that will be our benchmark for the next 15 years.

2010. Acquisition of new facilities.

A new space of 4.880 m2 where the company will be located in the future.

2014. Transfer of the departments of packaging and finished product.

We move all the activity to the new facilities.

2017. We present the new corporate image and the new packaging.

According with the 40th anniversary of the La Masrojana, we make a qualitative leap to improve the projection of our brand.

2017. We opened the agroshop in Móra d'Ebre.

We make a commitment to approach our product and a selection of quality local products directly to the final consumer.